OUR STORY began back in November 2012 when I truly was enjoyed being a mum to my 2 sweet daughters and had great fun sewing cloth dolls for them. It was a precious time and an amazing adventure! Creating dolls made me truly happy and the dolls were a huge hit with my girls and their friends.

Once  I had  started to sell them in my little shop mes kokeshi, I knew that I could never go back to my old job as a translator. I wasn't sure the dolls would be enough to sustain a business so began the search for a new idea which I could create and market. One night, hand sewing new clothes for a doll I took a look at my laptop and a thought  what about some clothes for you? Great but what can I use to sew it to make it chick and protective? Wool was the answer. I opened a wardrobe and found my friend’s wedding suit crafted from the highest quality Scottish wool, worn only once. That was the perfect choice! We cut it and handmade a few cases from that. The first collection: cases for MacBook 13”, iPad Air and  6 iPhone 5 sold out immediately after launch.





In our work we combine our deep respect for old world craftsmanship with a love of natural materials – flexible, durable and environmentally friendly.

Our nostalgic affair is reflected in the classic look of our products and in the name which evokes feelings of warmth, safety and nature.

Today we use only full grain vegetable-tanned leather of the highest quality, produced naturally, with no chemicals, which we source from Tuscany. The premium quality is guaranteed by Consorzio Vera Pelle Italiana Conciata al vegetale. The leather is designed to age naturally as it becomes part of your life. Ageing doesn’t compromises the durability but does give an authentic look. Colours are rich with warm tones and become more intense with the passage of time and daily use. This shows your item is one-of-a-kind piece and reflects your lifestyle. The item becomes uniquely yours. The finest 100% merino wool we use as lining is completely natural, biodegradable and ecologically friendly, antistatic, breathable and water repellent. It provides additional protection for your sleek devices and gives a warm fuzzy feeling inside your case. 


We try to be aware of the environmental and ethical impact of all aspects of our business and understand the true value of the items we use and create. In fact it's so important to us we brand every item we make "handmade in harmony with nature”.


Every single piece from cinnamon cocoon is designed and lovingly handmade to order by us, 2 friends: kasia and bartek in our workshop located in Krakow, Poland's royal city, in the roof floor of the High Synagogue in the Former Jewish District Kazimierz, now enjoying a renaissance as a Bohemian quarter. We are proud to make unique items for you. The quality of our work and used materials mean our products will have have a long useful life, give you joy and pleasure and be treasured by you (please see our reviews )


If you once visit Krakow, please, come and say hello to us. It will be our great pleasure to meet you in person and welcome in our workshop!


kasia and bartek


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