CINNAMON COCOON was born with the desire to combine our deep respect for old world craftsmanship with a love of natural materials – flexible, durable and environmentally friendly.

Our nostalgic affair is reflected in the classic look of our products and in the name which evokes feelings of warmth, safety and nature.

2013 we began creating cases for electronic equipment. After two years of developing and perfecting our products on Etsy we've decided to branch out (please see our reviews ). Then our range has evolved to include bags and accessories lovingly designed and crafted to fit effortlessly into your life.

We try to be aware of the environmental and ethical impact of all aspects of our business and understand the true value of the items we use and create. We hope the quality of our work will mean our products are cherished by our customers and will have a long useful life. In fact its so important to us we brand every item we make "handmade in harmony with nature".




Every single piece from cinnamon cocoon is designed and lovingly handmade to order by kasia zuchowska and bartek szostak in their workshop located in Krakow, Poland's royal city.
kasia and bartek


cinnamon cocoon katarzyna żuchowska * rynek dębnicki 8/7, 30-319 kraków, poland *

VAT: PL8791819633
workshop/ studio: cinnamon cocoon * ul. józefa 38 * 31-056 kraków * poland * phone +48 6023748866